Kassia's World

Kassia's World is nothing special. It is simply a place of expression, thoughts, and well…my life. I talk about whatever comes to mind and whatever happens in my life that I feel like sharing.

Welcome to the Grieving Widows Club

I am now a grieving widow. A club I did not ask to belong to, but here I am. I have been told recently that keeping a journal of some kind could help me in my grief. Can’t even begin to tell you how many really nice journals I have purchased. Nor how many times I wrote the same thing over again in each them. My words are there, but I find it very hard to TRULY express them with ink. After a lot of thought I finally decided to put my blog to its intended use. I am not looking for likes or empathy. I just want to work through my heartbreak and right now this is how I have decided to do it.


Our Poties Family Motto for 2014

Normally I don’t make new year resolutions. For some odd reason I always believe making resolutions are simply a setup for failure. However, hubby came up with something for our 8 year old Ernest one day to help motivate him with school and football practice. Somehow, the two of decided that his idea was a prefect motto for the family. I mean…why not have a family motto instead of a resolution?  Why not have something the boys, hubby and myself will do our best to apply to in EVERYTHING we do…not just specific individual goals.


Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom and Grandmother

Today is the first time without both my mother and my grandmother here for me to call and wish Happy Mother’s Day to. But I am not sad about it at all. They have both gone on to a better life. All I can think of are all the wonderful things they have taught me and smile.My mother taught me to be independent, love being unique, love who I am, and to always strive to be better than what I am everyday. My grandmother taught me to be bold, stand up for myself, love others as they are, and to use the creative talents the Lord blessed  me with. For these things I will always be grateful.


In Memory…Mary Holmes

What turned out to be a day of going back home and relaxing ended up being a day joy and heartbreak. You see,  on our way coming home from our Thanksgiving in Dallas, TX I got the news I knew would one day come. My grandmother, Mary Holmes, was about to pass away. You know you think you have prepared yourself for these moments, but when they happen you find your not as well prepared as you thought. What makes it so crazy is that I spoke with my Grandmother on Thanksgiving morning and something inside me knew that things weren’t right.


Today’s Moment of Inspiration


I remember the first time I read this poem. It took me several times to really and truly understand her meaning. I spent years being a nerd who loved sports, but I grew believing that a woman was only wanted if she was beautiful. In high school I was never the girl with a boyfriend to brag about. Went to every homecoming except one alone (although each time I was the only one who had the best fun). Even went to my prom pregnant without a date (even this one I ended up with the most fun….lol). Most of my friends were guys. We played basketball and football together. They taught me Chess, spades, and dominoes. Heard stories about their girlfriend troubles and surprisingly they asked me of all people for advice. No I wasn’t the best on looks. In my opinion I am still not, but one day…long before the poem…I woke up and suddenly had a new found confidence in myself.