Thank you, Lord, for getting me up this morning.
Letting me see and live another day.
Thank you, Lord, for helping me in all my trials and problems.
Thank you, Lord, for all my happy days and accomplishments.
For they would not be possible without you.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my needs and wants,
That I forget to thank the provider.
I saw a vision in my dreams last night.
I don’t know what the vision meant,
And maybe right now it’s not for me to understand.
But I thank you, Lord,
For giving me hope and strength to continue on.

You have always carried me through.
You have always been a true friend.
The treasures you have provided for me,
Can never be taken away or forgotten.
I owe all that I am and will become to be to you.
This is my moment to simply say,
“Thank you, Lord, for all that you do.”