I suppose you can say that this was one of my “coming out” poems. I had been through so much growing up and prayed to God so many times that I thought they were going unanswered. However, our God is an on time God. He may not answer when you want Him to, but He will answer when He knows your ready.  When I least expected it I looked around me and knew that it was time to finally close that chapter in my life and open a new door. I had finally realized that through it all…all the tears and pain I went through…I stayed strong. 

So many years of so many tears.
Paradise seemed too far away.
My goals seemed unreachable and dreams untouched.
Happiness was not a part of my days.
But I’ve stayed strong and continued on.

This is not a perfect world we live in.
It’s cold and dark outside.
But the light always has a way to give.
Like my confidence I hold bound,
I’ve stayed strong and continued on.

Sometimes my head is clouded with depression and self-doubt.
However, the bad and wrong never sleep over for too long.
That door was long since shut to life before.
Like the desert with its continuous drought,
I’ve stayed strong and continued on.

I’ve hidden behind a mask while summer still had class.
I’ve reached for the hottest stars without my arms.
Mountains and ice were seen, but only painted mirage.
And my mind clear from misguided harm.
You know me, though,
I’ve stayed strong and continued on.