I originally created this poem over 18 years ago when I was with my ex. I was young and not really in a good relationship simply because I had a low self-esteem. At that time in my life I truly believed that where I was was all I was entitled to. BUT one day I prayed to God and listened to his answer. I am so glad that I did because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found the wonderful and awesome man I am with today who holds the key to my heart (Besides the Lord that is…LOL)

Do dreams come true?
Is love and happiness for fools?
These are my questions for you.

Do you know what makes us accept the things we cannot stand?
Is life’s destiny actually in our hands?
These are my questions for you.

Do we ever really find that one who has the keys to our souls?
Is it so bad to live life alone?
These are my questions for you.

How this is the line between love and lust?
Is there any truth in having such a strong trust?
These are my questions for you.

My questions fill my head everyday.
There are answers out there, but no one can truly say.
Everyone words are stated in a different way.
But what is one so young with so many questions to do?
My main purpose of bringing my questions to you.