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This was originally just a blog I started in 2009 on Blogger as a way for friends and family to see our vacation adventures and to do a little business research. Actually, I just got my first smartphone (HTC Mogul) that allowed me to text and email to my blog while we was on the road. I ended up not blogging as much as I had hoped over time. However, I tried to start things back up in 2013 and again in 2014 with the intentions to keep my family and friends in other states informed of how we were doing, but time got away from me and I stopped blogging anything at all.

So after much thought I have decided to make this is my occasional place online for full personal expression. A website to share with and about my family and friends, discuss my love of sports (mainly football), show off my crafts (when I have time to do them), or just random things I might feel like sharing.

I hope you enjoy my website. Comments are allowed on my blog, but are moderated. You are still always more than welcome to tell me what you think. Just give me a holler. As long as your not an idiot or pervert then we should be good.