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Kassia's World is nothing special. It is simply a place of expression, thoughts, and well…my life. I talk about whatever comes to mind and whatever happens in my life that I feel like sharing.

All About My World

What is this all about? Well...Let me explain it to you .

Kassia Poties

Social Media Guru
I am a mother, wife, web designer, creative enthusiast and well...a straight up trip. As long as you are not an idiot then we good. Welcome to my world!

My Outrageous Mind

Are you sure you want to enter the world of my thoughts and experiences? LOL

You are love story that fills my pages

Welcome to the Grieving Widows Club

I am now a grieving widow. A club I did not ask to belong to, but here I am. I have been told recently that keeping a journal of some kind could help me in my grief. Can’t even begin to tell you how many really nice journals I have purchased. Nor how many times […]

Happy New Year 2014

Our Poties Family Motto for 2014

Normally I don’t make new year resolutions. For some odd reason I always believe making resolutions are simply a setup for failure. However, hubby came up with something for our 8 year old Ernest one day to help motivate him with school and football practice. Somehow, the two of decided that his idea was a […]

The last family picture I took with my mother

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom and Grandmother

Today is the first time without both my mother and my grandmother here for me to call and wish Happy Mother’s Day to. But I am not sad about it at all. They have both gone on to a better life. All I can think of are all the wonderful things they have taught me […]

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